Nick Turco “Neon Shit” C47 (2009)

cassette coverThe first side is just an arpeggiator playing the same fast sequence endlessly and apparently without any change.  The second side, titled “Life Jam Neon Shit”, sees it return, but with the additional of a slower synth line.  A comparison to minimalist keyboard works such as Terry Riley’s “Rainbow in Curved Air” is inevitable.  However, this cassette has none of that finesse, skill or variety.  As such, Turco’s work comes off sounding flat and two dimensional.  A little tedious even.

Apparently the pink cover stock indicates this is “Part One” while there is an almost identical release with same cover on orange paper.  I suspect the music on “Part Two” is not much different that what appears on this first installment.  “Part One” has little enough variety, which gives little impetus to explore titles like “More Neon Shit” and “Get Your Neon Shit” which appear on “Part Two”.

Tree Tapes – TRTP-0306