Silvia Fassler & Billy Roisz “Skylla” CD (2008)

CD coverGenerally speaking pure electronic music, i.e. that not trying to emulate traditional instruments or music, really started to go downhill for me with the introduction of computers.  A few computer assisted things stand out from the old days, like the work done at EMS in Sweden, but overall the general current of electronic music was not helped by digital means.  Mego really brought back some of the essential punch with glitch filled noises and chaotic composition when they started up in the 1990s, for me really peaking with the early releases by Hecker.  While the label always remained too varied to apply any generalizations with regard to style, this type of work is what captures my ears the most.  This duo CD continues on this path mixing contrasting layer of electronic sounds which have a complexity which keeps this interesting.  The sounds shift and recombine not unlike Voice Crack, who not coincidentally find their sounds extensively used on the track “Schwarzschild”.  Ranging in dynamics, the music avoids the sudden jump cuts of Merzbow but still packs a serious punches in some places. But this depends on the playback volume as listened to quietly the music can be become subtle.

Editions Mego – D]MEGO 001