Bunny Brains 88 “Squirrel Attack EP” 10” (2005)

record coverReferencing 1988 in their name, which they have apparently retroactively changed to Ultrabunny, this harks back to the noise rock of the late 1980’s, despite being recorded in 2004.  At times they remind me of Butthole Surfers, no doubt due to the wacky vocals and somewhat wayward approach to the rock form while still laying down a motorik punk groove.  The record comes elaborately packaged in Bruce Licher letterpress jacket, which is made gaudy by affixing a glitter encrusted vinyl sticker smack dab on the front cover.  Honestly, I think this elements suits the band better.  Their free and loose, not to mention rough, approach seems like it would have been better matched by a really cheap sleeve that didn’t contradict the approach found on the two tone (half clear / half red) grooves inside.  There is definitely a goofy aspect about the band which makes it seem that they are anti-high class.  But maybe the mixture makes sense to what appears to be a band ready to take in a number of influences and directions.  In any case, there are only 333 numbered copies, of which 88 were included in a deluxe boxed edition with an extra 8.8″ record.  Given that even the “regular” edition pulls together so many inserts and packaging elements, a bit of thought was given to the whole release.

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