L. Berner “Deny At All Costs” C30 (2011)

cassette coverHeavy square wave electronics from Levi under his own name instead of the Vexations moniker.  Unlike other releases on this label, this one has titles for each side.  The first is “Bite Her Lip” and the second is “Someone Who Has Lost a Lot of Blood”.  Both display intense, crisp electronics – not distorted as one some other releases but that dense, metallic harmonic quality.  There are major portions of both than sound like being inside of a machine with its incessant throb.  However as suggested by its title, the second side suddenly loses its lifeblood – the pulse – and spreads out, even if only for the final coda.  It is nice dissolution of the tape’s energy and a transition out of its head space.  This is packaged in a double j-card card with both sides of both card being printed in b&w.

Horse Worship number two