Arc “The Pursuit of Happiness” CD (2009)

CD coverWhile on a veteran free improvisation label and consisting of free improvisations on violin, cello, and double bass (with occasional electronic processing and voice), this music escapes the common “free improv” style and explores playing methods more often associated with classical music. Indeed the album sounds as though it could be the work of a “contemporary composer”, but is spontaneously generated. The eleven sections balance between the tension of a classical string trio but explore areas of occasional dissonance and freedom belying their true origin. Given the varied musical histories of Sylvia Hallett, Danny Kingshill and Gus Garside, it seems obvious that the trio intentional decided to focus their attentions on one particular area. It is an interesting area and one touched on by other Enanem releases. As much as I enjoy the classic “free improv” style, it is very nice to see improvisors being given the space to explore territory which bleeds over into other areas.

Emanem 5005