File Under Pop “Heathrow” 7” (1979)

7" coverIn between releases by Swell Maps, Stiff Little Fingers, Kleenex, The Raincoats and The Monochrome Set, Rough Trade unleashed this delightfully misleadingly named one off.  Although the B side does feature a short song about child murderer Mary Bell (in advance of Monte Cazazza’s tribute to the same), most of the two sides are taken up by live recordings at Heathrow Airport made with an analog synth.  The non-musical blats here sound more akin to something the Sonic Art Union might have subjected audiences to than the more musically structured Industrial Musik coming out of England at the time.  It is a beautiful little slice of primitive electronics and random voices, and a lot of copies probably languish unplayed in the collections of people wanting to have all the Rough Trade singles.  After this Simon Leonard went on to record under the names AK Process and AK-47 and by 1984 formed the quirky synth pop duo I Start Counting who were signed to Mute Records alongside Depeche Mode, Mark Stewart, Erasure and Fad Gadget.

Rough Trade [1979] RT 0011