Catholic Guilt “Iron Black Cross” C26 (2011)

cassette coverOld fashioned power electronics complete with spoken passages touching on playing with dead animals and being locked up.  Well, that is an oversimplification.  There are some intense blasts of in the red noise, but there are other passages with richer and more subtle details which makes the atmosphere closer to Ultra than Whitehouse.  There is also a more up to date fidelity on this cassette which gives this a wider aural space lacking in a lot of later day noise.  No titles are given and that helps me think of this release as one whole suite rather than contrasting individual cuts.  It is nicely packaged in a double layer, double sided j-card (ie one inside the other) displaying densely posterized b&w images of nature.  A pretty impressive first outing for a 19 year black metal kid just starting to explore this style.

Horse Worship number 5