Regosphere / Vexations split C26 (2011)

cassette coverThis split sees the recent analog synth / new age revival strained through industrial eyes.  The synths bubble and arpeggiate, but in a harsh way.  This gives it a musicality and progression that is shy of harsh noise without giving up the intense edge.  Regosphere lean toward this noisier side more than the Vexations do and lay down a bleaker atmosphere with more distortion and tighter repetitions of sound.  Vexation is blown out but oddly uplifting, sounding like it could be the soundtrack for a bootlegged outtake from the film “Blade Runner”.  Although I enjoy the cassette overall, it is the Vexations side which stands out for me with its darkly sci-fi sound which almost suggests destroyed futurist cities that retain some majestic beauty.  Both projects are one man outfits, the former being Andy Quitter from the Midwest, and the latter Levi Berner of Portland, OR.  Levi is the one behind this label and it is nice to see him putting out recordings again after a period of only focusing on live performance.  Like some of the other releases on his new label, this comes with two nested double-sided j-cards with b&w imagery.  Unfortunately the edition of 60 was already sold out before I got around to writing this review, but thankfully the music is still available as a free download from soundcloud.

Horse Worship number 3